About Us


Elegant Home Decor Sdn Bhd -  Malaysia leading MOSQUITO SCREEN / SECURITY SCREEN manufacturer.

ElegantScreens - A Made in Malaysia, leading brand of  all range SECURITY SCREEN and INSECT SCREEN ( MOSQUITO NETTING ) products for windows and doors. A stylishly screen for your living spaces. Create that fly and mosquito free environment you've dreamt of, for an affordable price! Retain the existing look of your doors and windows, without having to add cumbersome, hinged or sliding insect screens which invade your living space and collect dust and spider webs. Enjoy fresh air with open doors and windows and also imagining improved hygiene of cooking your meal with no flies landing on your food!


We all at Elegant Home Decor Sdn Bhd surely offer top class and quality products and try to satisfy every customer needs. We are in this business for more then 15 years offering décor, security and anti mosquito products. Our specialist installers can install Insect screens and Security Screens quickly and efficiently throughout your home. Currently our market cover whole Malaysia, including Sabah and Sarawak and our D.I.Y screens are exporting to South East Asia country. Our vision is to provide world class quality insect /Security screen product with affordable price.

In year 2012, we start manufacturing security screen door and window; the  "MASTER SECURITY SCREENS" series. This is a screen with security features. Beside function as insect screens,  it also a replacement off the steel grille which given you a more elegant and stylish look for your house. Currently we produces 2 series of Security Screens to meet to the market needs : The Primer Series and The Supreme Series.Our R & D team again introduce a newly design a "3 push Security window screen" in year 2014. This screen was special design to meet the  common needs for Malaysia environment.

In year 2017, the first Malaysia patent pending " HOOK IT ON" window screen  was launched into the market. this screen is special design for high rise condo window. the screen having a revolution featues for the window screen. It has security features, prevent children or pets falling off from window, easy cleaning, no nail , no screw, just Hook it onto the window frame.


Company Background


 Elegant Home Decor Sdn Bhd is the leading player in the Malaysia insect screening market. Our mission is to offer a top quality products at affordable price, making retractable insect screens and stainless steel mesh Security Screen a viable screening option for all Malaysian homeowners.


Besides manufacturing our own ELEGANTSCREENS’ brand insect screen/mosquito screen products and "MASTER SECURITY SCREEN'. we are also the agent for the world famous brand ‘SEIKI SCREEN SYSTEM” from Japan from 2006 to 2015. Our product range from 'Do It Yourself' to "MADE TO MEASUREMENT" sizes. Our services are extended to the whole of Malaysia including SABAH & SARAWAK. Starting on 2017 a new online order portal for the Primer Hinge Security screen door and "Hook it On"  mosquito window screen is available on www.onlineordersecurityscreens.com, customer can now order online and install themself by following a simple installation procedure.


Nature Of Business

Elegant Home Decor Sdn Bhd provide manufacturing, installation and after sales service for full range of insect screen, Security screen products. Our R&D team is also capable for providing solution for special need insect screens project. 

Our Mission

Elegant Home Decor Sdn Bhd recognizes our fantastic Malaysian climate; our love of comfortable, stylish living spaces; and the ever increasing importance we place on being environmentally conscious. Elegant Home Decor Sdn Bhd fulfils the need for a product which screens out unwanted insects in a modern, discreet and affordable way, whilst allowing us to enjoy the relaxation we deserve in our homes.








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